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Maintain trails
Lead an event
Help with the section committees
Maintain this website

./pix_4.jpg (24K)
Work crew ready to hike in to build Bamforth Ridge Shelter

pix_2.jpg (23K)
Bamforth Ridge Shelter construction, August 2002

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The Montpelier Section is run entirely by volunteers. It has a small budget derived from member dues. It works with the GMC, which is likewise funded by membership dues, and the Vermont Department of Forest, Parks, and Recreation, which owns the land through which the Long Trail passes.

Section volunteers put in whatever time they have available. All levels of effort are important.

What you can do while hiking
Remove branches which have fallen over the trail
Kick out clogged drainages with your boot heel
Carry out other's trash as well as your own
Write down trail conditions in the trail register and report problems to the GMC or to the section

If you have a day or a half-day
Help with the Section's maintenance projects on the Long Trail
Join our planned work hikes
Perform one of the 'casual' maintenance tasks
Cruise our trails looking for problems
Adopt a segment of the Long Trail or a Shelter

For those who prefer indoor work
Write an article for the newsletter, Trail Talk
Participate in section committees
Help with the Taylor Series and our annual meeting
Participate in GMC Trails Management Committee work
Volunteer at the GMC headquarters in Waterbury Center

For the more ambitious
Acquire trip-leading skills and first aid knowledge
Acquire trail-maintenance skills via GMC workshops
Volunteer at the GMC headquarters in Waterbury Center

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