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...and instructions for how to enter data appear.
All the boxes expand as needed while you enter data.
Many boxes expand when you drag the tab on the bottom right.
Required fields have special markings--which disappear when you enter data.
First-time users Place your cursor over the green icons to see how to use this form.
...and more details appear. Experienced leaders Place your cursor over the blue icons for explanations of what each item means.


To report on a scheduled event, select the event from the first column. If the event is not on the calendar or was postponed, select the date from the other columns. The second column lets you select a date from a calendar 'grid'. (Some pre-2017 browsers do not support this.) The third column is useful for adding archival reports for previous years. Click on the appropriate 'radio' button before entering a date. Click a 'radio' button to select 1 of these 3 ways to enter the date of the event.
Select from the date of a recent event on the Montpelier Section calandar Move your cursor below then click on ▼ for a calendar display. Scroll through past years

If you are reporting on a scheduled event, use 'Trip report'. For a amended or corrected report use the same date. To add photos to an existing report, use the 'upload photos' page. Participants can add photos to the report the leader has submitted. Indicate 'additional photos' in the report text. To correct a previous report, use the same date. We use the latest submission. Type of report

Trip report Minutes Other

Example: Hike Mt Mansfield. The date of the event and your name is unnecessary since it is added automatically to the report. Enter the destination of a trip or the title of your page Report title

The length of the report is not limited. The area expands as you type. Drag the lower right corner to expand the box manually.
HTML markup is allowed but is discouraged because it may conflict with our CSS.
Use a plain text editor or cut and paste into this box. Exporting text, even in HTML format, brings along extraneous markup which may not display as expected when used on a web page. (Example: � “smart quotes”.)
Compose your report offline in your word processor, then paste here. Spelling counts! Text of your report

The leader's name and contact information are public. (They appear in our publicity and archived with the State of Vermont). The full name of participants should not be used in the report. This is used for photo credits and the page heading. Your name
Allow the editors to contact you; it is not part of the published report. Your email
Position your cursor after 1., enter one name, then press enter/return. As needed, the next number appears and you can enter another name.
To start over, delete all the entries then click the 'Numbered list' icon and the empty list reappears.
For archives only, it won't be published. Since we recognize participation at the annual meeting, use full names and include your own name. People attending (names are not published)
Add contact information for attendees who are not yet GMC members. Also, use this space to pass on to the website volunteers important information that doesn't fit anywhere else on this form. This will not appear on the published report; it is used for section follow-up only. Non-Member information and other notes (not published)
Your report is available to anyone with an internet connection. In the future, search engines may index our site. All reports are deposited annually in the State of Vermont archives. After you submit this page, you can view a draft version of what will be posted in a day or so. OK to publish on the web?
Trail Talk is the printed quarterly newsletter of the section. It is distributed to section members and officers of other sections. The newsletter editor may include parts or all of this report and any photos. OK to publish in Trail Talk?
Social media controls the distribution and redistribution of your posting. Social media includes Facebook. We may add other social media accounts in the future. OK to publish photos on social media?
'Send' transmits your report to our server. You can change the report by submitting it again: we use the latest version. After you have sent your report you may add as many photos as you like. Please submit your report before adding photos.
You can upload .pdf files and other photo formats. These files are not automatically included in your report. These photos are not restricted to trip reports. Use this option as an alternate to email to send information to the website. You can upload as many photos as you like. You will be asked to provide a caption for each.
We give your photos unique names to avoid confusion with another person's photos. (Many cameras use the same numbering scheme, often beginning with DSC_ and followed by a number.) The new name reflects the time that the photo was uploaded. Photos are normally displayed in the order they were uploaded.
Upload photos
Use a few words to identify the photo. Add details in the text of the report. Avoid listing names in a group photo. The report displays a small version of the photo so it is hard to make out individuals in a group photo. Protect privacy: identify participants by their first name only. In the report, the caption appears under the photo.
After you enter the caption, you can upload another photo.
Add a caption
Below the photo we print the caption you entered above followed by 'Photo by:' and this name. A full name is not required. (Leaders last names are public since they appear in our publicity.) The leader's name is entered as a convenience. You can delete or change it. Photo by
Save caption and credits for this photo.

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