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Wed Aug 03 2022 Rattlesnake Cliff and the Falls of Lana by Steve and Heather Bailey

This trip has not been a popular one for the Montpelier section, probably due to the distance from Montpelier - it's a 90 min drive. I could only find one trip report in the archives (from 1997) for this location. We started hiking at the Silver Lake trailhead, a half mile from Branbury State Park. It was 5 miles round trip to Rattlesnake Cliff, where peregrine falcons had been nesting. The trail had been closed until August 1 for that reason. We saw several falcons from the cliff, as well as a number of vultures out hunting. We also had a wonderful view of Lake Dunmore, Silver Lake, and the Adirondack Mountains. On the way down we passed the Falls of Lana, named after a certain General Wool, whose name in Spanish is "Lana". The interpretive sign we read gave no reason for the falls not being named the "Falls of Wool".
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