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Mon May 30 2022 Wildflower Walk Groton State Forest by Cynthia Martin & George Longenecker

It was ideal weather and there were minimal bugs to contend with on the 2022 annual wildflower walk. This year’s walk was in Groton State Forest on the Big Deer Trail with a spur hike to the Big Deer summit with clear views of Lake Groton and continuing around Osmore Pond. We saw Indian cucumber root, false Solomon's seal, star flower, Canada mayflower, bunchberry, and faded painted trillium and Clintonia borealis (blue bead lily). The highlight of the day was the sighting of many flowering lady’s slippers, a member of the orchid family. Of course, the walk became more of an amble as we all scouted out lady’s slippers to add to the mounting count. The blooms were in shades of pale white to deep pink. They were in clumps or singly scattered along the side of the trail and into the woods. We tallied more than 300 lady’s slippers, twice as many as last year. Wait until next year!
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