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Sat May 07 2022 Peacham Bog by Phyllis Rubenstein

On Saturday, May 7, 2022, 5 of us hiked to Peacham Bog in Groton State Park from Greenbay Loop Road. Most of the hike was along a woods road. Adjacent to a pond, we crossed a new bridge above an area flooded by beavers last summer. We first went to a section of the bog which is accessible from the back country ski trail, and then to the boardwalk, where we ate lunch. It was a wonderful spring day with sunshine and no bugs! Along the woods road and trail, we saw painted trillium and trout lily in bloom, and other harbingers of spring. At the bog we saw leather leaf just starting to bloom, and Labrador tea, bog laurel, and pitcher plants not yet in bloom. The domed, peatland bog is also covered with many kinds of sphagnum moss and dotted with dwarf black spruce and tamarack trees, covered in lichens. It is a natural wonder, with several different natural habitat communities, and a place to be visited many times throughout the year to fully enjoy its beauty.
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