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Saturday February 22 2020 Spruce Mt to Seyon State Park by Nancy Schulz

Three snowshoers enjoyed strong sun as they trekked from the Spruce Mountain trailhead toward Seyon Lodge State Park. The temperature had risen from a very chilly overnight to 25 above by the time they started walking. The trail had fresh powder over a packed base, making for optimal winter conditions. Along the way, they enjoyed views of Knox, Butterfield, Burnt, and Signal mountains. They climbed for quite awhile, had a long descent, climbed again, and then descended for an extended time before they arrived at the first bridge on the Seyon property, where they had lunch. After two hours of steady snowshoeing, it was a welcome break. Returning via the same route, they experienced snow that had become moister and heavier as afternoon temperatures rose. Fortunately, the temperature didn’t rise enough to bring out the mud on East Hill Road. (Photo courtesy of Rose Paul)
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