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Saturday November 02 2019 Smarts Mountain Hike by Nancy Schulz

Four hikers car pooled to Lyme, New Hampshire via a scenic route on a bright, calm, cloudless day with temps in the 40s. We set off on the Lambert Ridge Trail (the current AT) shortly before 10:00 am. Between the trailhead and the summit, our route offered several nice vistas with occasional patches of ice on the rocks. After four miles, we reached the summit of Smarts Mountain and enjoyed lunch in the sun outside the ranger cabin. Then, we climbed the fire tower and had the luxury of a glass-enclosed platform on the top from which we tried to identify the many mountains visible in all directions. We descended via the Ranger Trail, the former AT, passing the garage that was built in the woods once upon a time to house the ranger's car. After our eight-mile round trip, we were back at the trailhead at 4:00.
Photo 657725 bytes # #657725
Summit Photo (Photo by Phyllis)
Photo 683625 bytes # #683625
Remains of a Telephone Pole in the Ranger Trail (Photo by Phyllis)
Photo 522841 bytes # #522841
Needle ice in the trail (Photo by Phyllis)
Photo 499827 bytes # #499827
Icicles in a rock (Photo by Phyllis)
Photo 668819 bytes # #668819
What is this metal contraption? (Photo by Phyllis)
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