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Saturday September 28 2019 Sterling Gorge and Peak-a-View Mt by Steve and Heather Bailey

Seven of us started out on a day where rain was forecast starting at 2pm. However, the rain started at 9 at the MHS parking lot. Undeterred, we drove to the Sterling Gorge trailhead where it wasn't raining. We headed south on the Catamount Trail for a couple of miles, and then turned northwest for our destination, Peak-a-View Mt. When we got there we found out that the two bench swings from past years were gone, replaced by two benches. The view was the same, however, with Camel's Hump visible to the south and Mt Mansfield dominating the foreground. We returned to the cars via another trail and then took the short trip down into the Sterling Gorge, which was a beautiful spot, even though it drizzled a bit.
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Photo 698526 bytes #908 #1703_68_ws.jpg
Bench at Peak-a-View (Photo by Steve and Heather Bailey)
Photo 766056 bytes #907 #1702_18_ws.jpg
Mini ferns (Photo by Steve and Heather Bailey)
Photo 772077 bytes #905 #1701_92_ws.jpg
At the bottom of Sterling Gorge (Photo by Steve and Heather Bailey)
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Sterling Gorge (Photo by Steve and Heather Bailey)
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