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Wednesday September 25 2019

Best Practices for Trip Leaders

GMC Montpelier Section- Best Practices for Trip Leaders September 25, 2019

Facilitated by: Phyllis Rubenstein

Attending: Steve Bailey, Nancy Schulz, Nancy Thomas, Dana Lawrence , Cynthia Martin, Thomas Weiss, Andrew Nuquist, Ken Hertz, Charlene Bohl

Goal: Brainstorm ideas for trip leaders and recruit new leaders

Montpelier Section leading requirements: Be a member; Also looking for experience (used to be required to have a trip approved). Should there be other requirements such as first aid?? GMC Leaders guide was handed out. To be updated soon.


• Leaders need to know what they are doing – comfortable and confident

• Ned to get everyone home safely. Also discussed issue of a group member going off on one’s own

• Should leaders have first aid? Must it be current? Wilderness First Aid? CPR?

• Attitude is most important. Is first aid really necessary for short local trips?

• Trip leaders should bring first aid kit

• Trip leader sets parameters for the trip: eg. Stay together or meet at junctions

• Insurance: liability insurance is covered by the GMC

• First aid training sometimes hard to find at convenient times. Could Montpelier Section get a group together for the 2 day wilderness first aid training? Others join if space is available? Would Ex Committee consider partial payment for Section members?

Recruiting: how to get new/more leaders

• Offer to have experienced leaders co-lead with individuals who are interested but not experienced.

• Would regular participants be best source of recruits?


• Front porch forum, Trail Talk, Times Argus, World

• Discussed whether time and location for meet up should be published or should leader talk with each person to so leader can vet the participant before the trip. Is this trip the right match?

• Inducements: badges, published acknowledgements

Trip Planning

• Advanced planning needed to get notice into publications. Timing can be a challenge

• Scheduling can be a challenge. Burlington uses “meet-up”. Doodle Calendar to avoid scheduling conflicts.

• Currently our section notifies Ken who identifies conflicts. Steve needs two weeks to get notices onto Front Porch Forum. Kevin puts notices on Website.

• Need to change name of “members” trip. Participants do not need to be members.

• What about restarting Trekkers outings: short turn around???

• Should trip leaders try to identify popular hikes and/or offer outings they find interesting?

• What about Theme based Hikes such as silent, poetry, dog, moonlight etc. “heirloom hikes” places we used to go.

• Also what about places we haven’t been? Vetting should happen. How many hours on the trail?

On the hike:

• Discussion of what leaders need to bring: do you carry extra food, water

• What do participants need to bring?

• Discussion of what to do if circumstances make it necessary to split

Trip reports:

• Need to ask if ok to take pictures. Discussed permission to share pictures by leader and participants on social media

• File with report if ok

• Ken has access to all trip reports and lists and can help others access for ideas.

Prepared by Nancy Thomas and Dana Lawrence

Submitted by Phyllis Rubenstein

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