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Friday September 06 2019 YAC Elmore Mountain by Sharon Plumb

We couldn't have had a better day! Perfect weather in the high 60's. We met at 10 with a welcome and introductions. "Red Light, Green Light" and "Find the Alphabet Stick" were just a few of the games we played on the way up to keep 5 kids trucking at full speed. One mama and two kids (4 and 2 years old) turned back after about a half mile of fun. The other three mamas and three kids (5, 4, and 4) made it all the way to the view! Many snack stops, games of hide and seek and hugs kept all the kids on their feet. The kids played for an hour or more at the ruins of the caretakers cabin, then stream stomped on the way down, ending the day tired and muddy.
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Friday September 06 2019 YAC Elmore Mountain (Photo by Sharon)
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