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Saturday August 17 2019 Franconia Ridge by Phyllis Rubenstein and Nancy Schultz

On Saturday, August 17, 2019, two of us hiked over 9 miles in the Franconia region of the White Mountains. We had planned to hike up the Liberty Springs Trail to the Franconia Ridge, have a long ridge walk, and hike down the Old Bridle Path. Since the two of us weren’t going to set up the necessary car spot, we instead hiked a lollipop loop, ascending the Falling Waters Trail and descending the Old Bridle Path, which shortened the ridge walk. There was a forecast for a slight possibility of rain in the morning and early afternoon and a strong possibility of rain and thunderstorms in the late afternoon, which was accurate! Although we dodged the rain, we were socked in the clouds and mist and had almost no views. Nonetheless, it was a great hike through the rich, green woods with multiple stream crossings and waterfalls viewings, a short detour to Shining Rock Cliff, and along the alpine ridge, summitting Little Haystack (4800 feet), Lincoln (5089 feet), and Lafayette (5260 feet) (originally named Great Haystack). Surprisingly, even with possibly threatening weather, we found ourselves amidst hundreds of hikers!
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View of Franconia Ridge from Old Bridle Path Photo by Phyllis
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