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Saturday August 03 2019 Long Trail Day

Ken and Andrew did "Trail Angels" at the Bamforth Ridge trailhead; Steve and Heather hiked the northern end of the Long Trail and raised money for GMC.

Ken set up the table in the morning; Andrew took over at noon, and closed up after four. Food taken: Only a few through hikers, but they consumed most of the food. Day hikers took a little bit when they came back out of the woods. Total consumption: 1/2 gal of cider, part of a 2-liter bottle of CocaCola, a few apples, a few grapes, and half the offered candy (Reese's miniature cups, Twix minis, Snickers minis) -- three Halloween size packages; Twix was most popular. A bag of Doritos had some takers.

Alicia DiCocco gave us some stickers and pins to give out; they were popular. Andrew brought some GMC folders; potential new GMC members took them.

Parking lot: There were 12 cars in the lot when Ken arrived at 9 A.M. (but only 5 entries in the sign-in register.) By 10 A.M. 8 more cars came in, so the lot was full. Then hikers started coming out. By noon there were several empty spaces.

For the whole club (emailed report dated 13 August) Long Trail Day was a Success!

Wow! What a weekend! We are just blown away by the success of Long Trail Day and the support shown for the Green Mountain Club’s new social fundraiser and hiking challenge event.

Saturday, August 3rd, was a perfect Vermont summer day and we accomplished our goal of hiking the entire 272-mile Long Trail in one day. (Of course, with all of the out-and-back hikes and loops, we hiked much more than 272 miles!)

Even more exciting, Long Trail Day participants helped to raise over $37,000 for the Green Mountain Club and the Vermont hiking trail system we all love!

We hope that everyone who participated had a great time and will help us continue to grow this exciting event next year. We can’t wait to see what you can accomplish then!

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