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Tuesday June 18 2019 YAC to Stowe Bike Path Sandbar by Sharon Plumb

Another stellar day for getting young ones outside! Five of us met at the town parking lot behind the church. The littlest was happy in his mma's Ergo carrier, while the almost-3 and 4 1/2 year-olds scooted along on their balance bikes. We played at the sand bar for hours, pouring water and eating yummy food while visiting with over-friendly giant dogs who came to check out the scene. A little Ladia Godiva riding on the ball field signaled the end of beach time and we carried on past the Swimming Hole. A downhill presented some balance issues and the kids crashed on their balance bikes. One fat bloody lip and scraped elbow later, with lots of tears, gave pause to the trip. More riding, and then back to the car for a 5 hour, 1 mile adventure.
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