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Monday May 27 2019 Groton History and Wildflower Hike by George Longenecker & Cynthia Martin

On our Memorial Day hike in Groton State Forest, we looked at the history of the area and sought spring wildflowers. Our first stop was at the Heath Cemetery next to New Discovery Campground, where 19th century settlers and farmers are buried. On our walk over to Big Deer and around Osmore Pond, we found lady’s slippers (up but not quite blooming) and jack-in-the pulpit. The Osmore Pond shelter is a Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) structure, now 85 years old, and has been beautifully restored. On the walk back to New Discovery we found other CCC remains, including a standing chimney. CCC workers must have had to brave black flies, like we did on an otherwise pleasant spring day.
Cherry Blossoms & Groton Pond (Photo by George)
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