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Saturday May 18 2019 work hike Smuggler's Notch by Alan Paschell

There was extensive drainage to clear and the usual culprits: leaners, some dead, some rotten, some playing dead, obstructing the LT north. All were liberated! Rocks were cleared of leaves, stones set in mud holes, puncheon leveled and debris was removed from the trail. Unfortunately, we ran out of time and energy getting only as far as the ladder beyond the Pyramid. There was also still considerable rotten snow to this point. The trail continues to have several spots which are becoming progressively more eroded where a gully with a three foot step has formed at the base of a tree and the trail has eroded down to bedrock. Short detours are taking place in these spots. I will try to get back to the trail continuing to Sterling Pond Shelter with a saw within a couple of weeks. At least to this point in the trail, it is in good shape!

Scouting report
Wednesday May 15 2019 scout LT north of Barnes by Alan Paschell

Hiked north of Barnes Camp to just beyond the Pyramid. Removed a small blowdown, and debris from trail. There was too much snow to continue beyond that point. Much more work is needed to clear the remaining blowdown obstructions which can all be cleared with hand tools. Drainages and debris will be cleared on our Work day May 18th.
Nancy and Dana at the Pyramid (Photo by Alan)
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