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Sunday May 11 2019 Work Hike Bamforth Ridge by Alan Paschell

The weather smiled on us today keeping us cool with enough breeze to blow away the beginning of the black flies. Nine intrepid trail workers cleared the Bamforth Ridge Trail in preparation for the Summer hiking season. Half the crew began by clearing a newly flagged reroute at the bottom of the trail of fallen trees and debris; while the other half continued to the shelter to attend to numerous blowdowns. Andrew Nuquist was a crew of one responsible for the maintenance of the Winooski River section, and godfather of the bridge spanning Gleason Brook. The drainages were all cleared and some brushing in was accomplished below the Window. Between the Window and the shelter many blowdowns were removed from the trail with primitive yet ingenious engineering methods using only hand tools. The shelter is clean, in good condition; the brook at the bottom of the hill is flowing. The trail is ready to welcome our hikers!

Alan Paschell is Trails and Shelters Coordinator for the section. As part of organizing our work hikes, he does preparatory scouting trips. Here are reports of two such trips.

Tuesday May 07 2019 Scout trouble spot on Bamforth Trail
Met with Keegan Tierney (GMC Director of Field Programs)to discuss a fix for erosion spot on bottom of Bamforth Trail. Keegan suggests moving the trail away from the current problem. Montpelier Section will clear the area on our work day May 11, and if volunteers can be found, do the tread work. If the section does not come through, Keegan will see that a crew completes the work. It is a small area.

Wednesday May 08 2019 scouting hike
This was a "scouting" hike in preparation for the section's work hike on Saturday May 11th. I hiked up to the Bamforth Shelter. Conditions at the shelter are good with the exception of the tent platforms which continue to deteriorate. The brook is flowing, no graffiti, privy in good shape - some screening loose which we will repair; picnic table, wash pit and bear boxes all good. The trail in to the shelter is wet. Puncheon need to be replaced in one spot. There are a half dozen blowdowns between the window and the shelter, some will be challenging with hand saws. Some areas lack blazing or need reblazing. Some brushing in needs to be done in several spots lower down. Keegan has flagged a new short reroute to avoid the now eroding bank at the bottom of the trail. The crew has been asked to brush and duff this out. There are many fallen and decaying trees in this area. The usual cleaning of drainages and debris on the trail needs to be done. Hopefully, all this work can be accomplished Saturday excluding the puncheon. Today I was focused only on scouting. I removed some fallen branches and trash.

Jack blazing (Photo by Alan)
Water bars (Photo by Alan)
Heading to the shelter - almost at the bench (Photo by Ken)
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