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Saturday March 23 2019 Mt Elmore snowshoe by Steve and Heather Bailey

The weather the day before the hike was dismal - wet slushy snow in Montpelier with more predicted overnight, as well as high winds and temps in the 20's on the day of the hike. This was enough to scare off all but one hiker from going with us to Mt Elmore. We decided to delay the start time until noon to give the weather a chance to get better and the trail to get packed out. When we arrived at Elmore there was close to a foot of new snow on the ground, but it was soft and fluffy, not wet at all. We first encountered a group of seven snowshoers coming down and thought that they had packed the whole trail. Alas, they had turned around at the picnic table where the trail starts to get steep. Luckily a number of skiers had already been up to the ruins of the cabin, so that was a help. We were on our own for the last stretch, with some steep icy parts covered with fresh snow. We had to detour into the woods at one particularly challenging spot, but after that it was easy to the top, where we had great views. On the way down the sun came out and we had a lovely afternoon.
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That signpost is too short! (Photo by Steve and Heather Bailey)
In the tower (Photo by Steve and Heather Bailey)
Deep snow near the top (Photo by Steve and Heather Bailey)
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