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Saturday January 12 2019 Camel's Hump snowshoe by Steve Bailey

The morning was frigid, in the single digits below zero, but the sun was shining when five intrepid hikers started out to climb Camel's Hump. The woods were windless and we soon were taking off layers as we started up. Fortunately a few snowshoers had packed out the trail somewhat after the foot of new snow had fallen. We passed a hiker on his way down and he said that it was -8 degrees at the top. With 25 mph winds, that worked out to a wind chill of around -30. At the clearing we put on all the layers we had, renewed our hand warmers and set out for the summit. The sky was crystal clear and we had great views from the Adirondacks to the Whites, but the extreme cold killed our phone batteries and we have no pictures from the top. We warmed up on the way down and were very glad we had resisted the urge to cancel the hike.
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(Photo by Steve Bailey)
(Photo by Steve Bailey)
(Photo by Steve Bailey)
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