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Saturday October 13 2018 Work Hike to Smugglers Notch by John Buddington

Nine volunteers assembled at Barnes Camp in Smugglers Notch at 8:50.

It was about 40 degrees when we started. The ski trails had been dusted with snow overnight and clouds had descended to about 2500 feet. The treadway was covered with leaves and some leaves remained on the trees.

Half of our group worked clockwise along the new loop trail. They proceeded to the boardwalk and followed the Long Trail south, then the new trail to Elephants Head picnic area, crossed Notch Brook via rock-hop, up to the junction with the new LT, and south on the LT to Barnes Camp. This group returned to Barnes Camp about 12:00.

The other half hiked to the LT North junction with the blue-blazed trail to the picnic area. From that point they cleared drainages to the second slide--where they encountered snow flurries and mountain rain. (There was no snow accumulaton on the trail.) They returned to Barnes Camp by 12:30.

Both groups carried rakes, hazel hoes, clippers, and saws. Only a few branches were clipped and one log was cut.

Volunteer hours: Travel 9 persons @ 3/4 * 2 = 13.5 hours; Work: 31 hours.
Muddy trail uphill from the beaver dam.
John and Jessica between the slides
The drizzle turned to flurries above the slides.
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