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Saturday May 19 2018 Work Hike Smugglers' Notch by AlanPaschell

Nine hearty volunteers gathered in Smuggler’s Notch to assist the Green Mountain Club in the final completion of rerouting the Long Trail behind Barnes Camp, and eliminating the road walk on Route 108. Andrew and Reidun Nuquist were there for moral support! Ilana Copel, Lorne Currier and Isaac Alexandre-Leach from the GMC organized the Montpelier and Burlington Sections to complete break throughs and brush-ins of existing trails, completing the reroute to the Barnes Camp Loop which includes the new boardwalk. Water drainage was cleared on the trail from Barnes camp to the Slide and on the Old Long Trail to the Picnic Area. Several logs which were step-overs were removed from the trail. The GMC will return Monday to complete blazing and any signage issues. A productive day, which culminated before the rain!
Difficulty rating: moderate

Mike DeBonis (Photo by T & S)
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