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Sunday July 12, 2015 Chickering Bog by Ken Hertz

Rose Paul, Director of Critical Lands and Conservation Science at the Nature Conservancy in Montpelier, gave us a guided tour of Chickering Bog, a Nature Conservancy property dedicated to Bob Klein, the Conservancy's recently retired long time director. Rose stopped several times to discuss mushrooms, and spent half an hour out on the boardwalk talking about the natural history of the area.

The entrance to Chickering Bog is 1.6 miles up Lightning Ridge Rd from VT 14. A small parking lot will be built soon, but for the moment, one parks at the side of the narrow road and tries to avoid the steep falloff when exiting the vehicle.

A boardwalk takes you out into the small patch of open water, where you can see a large variety of fen plants including grass pink, sundew, cotton grass, blue flag iris, sweet gale, pitcher plant, showy lady's slipper and livid sedge. (Chickering Bog is really a Fen.)

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Rose Paul examines a mushroom (Photo by Ken)
Chickering Bog - some open water remains (Photo by Carl)
The carnivorous Pitcher Plant (Photos by Carl)
At the Bog - Rose talks about Peat (Photo by George)
Joshua contemplates the bog (Photo by Ken)
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