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Sunday March 29, 2015 Road Walk in East Montpelier by Ken Hertz

Any road walk must answer "where do we park?" and "how long is the walk?" Online maps give you a start at answering those questions, and an auto tour can help accept or eliminate the choices. For this outing, we parked at the Calais Elementary School and walked a four mile loop. Only a portion of the walk was actually in East Montpelier, but we are all neighbors out here.

Our group numbered nine, and we did a good job of staying together. The weather was gorgeous, with temperatures just about freezing; a bright, strong sun; and little wind. The road condition was passable -- some mud, a smattering of ice, and some almost dry stretches. Remember, this is the start of a long mud season, with up to five feet of frost in the ground. Car traffic was very light. The terrain was gently rolling; a Vermonter might call it "flat."

Time, including car travel, was 2 1/2 hours.

Where did people learn of the walk? Trail Talk, Long Trail News, our web site, our mailing list, The World, and the Montpelier Bridge.

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The group gathers at the intersection of Lightning Ridge and Tucker Roads (Photo by Ken Hertz)
We passed several farms along the way, (Photo by Ken Hertz)
The route (Photo by Ken Hertz)
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