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Sunday July 06, 2014 Devil's Gulch in Eden by Ken Hertz

What a great day to be outdoors! No rain, (mostly) dry trails, moderate temps and wind. (Although a bit more wind would have helped with the small flying locals.)

I misled the group by not believing the Babcock Extension sign. The trail really does go where the arrow points; it's just not well maintained. Instead, we started up the LT north and ignored the fact that the blazes were white (main trail) instead of the expected blue (side trail.) After half an hour, we all agreed that something was wrong, and returned to the parking lot. We are now comfortable finding the way to Belvidere Mountain.

For our second start, we followed the LT south. At Ritterbush Overlook we met our local guide Barbara, who had quick-stepped our planned route down the Babcock Trail in order to catch up with us. Then we went on to Devil's Gulch and turned around. Followed the Babcock back to Rte 118 and then walked up the road to our cars.

Drive time from MHS is an hour.

Time on trail without the diversion was about 3 1/2 hours.

We didn't believe the sign - purple arrow (Photo by Ken)
Ritterbush Lookout (Photo by Ken)
A jumble of boulders lends interest to the hike (Photo by Ken)
Coming out (Photo by Ken)
Going up to the Gulch (Photo by Ken)
Mouth of the Gulch (Photo by Ken)
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