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November 6, 2011
Road Walk at Barnett Hill in Middlesex

We assembled at noon at Montpelier High School and carpooled west on US2 to Lower Barnet Hill Road and parked at the end of the maintained section. We walked along Barnet Hill Road (TH 37), a Class 4 highway in Middlesex. The unmaintained section was 1.30 miles. We continued on Upper Barnet Hill Road 0.45 miles to McCullough Road. Four of our party continued walking to their homes--a distance of 2 miles for some and about 6 miles for Michael. Eight returned to Lower Barnet Hill by 2:30, hiking a total distance of 3.5 miles.

The sky was cloud-free and the temperatures were 50-55 degrees. The Class 4 section of the road was muddy at times. Often it was filled with beech and oak leaves. We passed the Wilderness Associates, a hunting club owning several hundred acres, then the Middlesex Wildlife Management Area. We inspected a neglected foundation with a view of Bolton. We surmised that it was built sometime before 1970 but came to no conclusion of its origin. We passed 2 mountain bicyclists and a group out for an afternoon stroll.

John Buddington and Kathy Gohl

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The group at the turnaround point Original image

The Wilderness Associates clubhouse

Apple orchard with view to Camels Hump

The Class 4 section of Barnet Hill Original image

Our route

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