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November 5, 2011
Bamforth Ridge work hike

Another beautiful fall day. Ten volunteers set out from the trailhead at 8:45. Leaves and other debris was cleared from waterbars, dips, and ditches. A large, successful, effort was made to create a path through the giant root ball at Duxbury Window.

Eric Seidel

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Irene took down this tree up at Duxbury Window.

Ten people showed up for this work hike! From the left: Eric, Sally, Cynthia, Midge, Reidun, John, Robert, George, and Patty

Up at Duxbury Window, Eric and George had cleared a narrow path earlier this fall.

Eric, Midge and Robert work to widen the path.

Eric, George and Midge.

Eric and John with the new passage.

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