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March 20, 2011
Cotton Brook area, Little River State Park

We met at MHS and at GMC on a beautiful clear almost Spring morning. From GMC's Waterbury Center campus to the trailhead took about ten minutes; we parked just before the road became a muddy mess. The photo shows the muddy ruts; in the background you can see the rental snow machines. The mud was replaced by snow as soon as we passed the snowmobile parking lot. Our trail -- Cotton Brook Rd -- is a snowmobile trail, and was well packed. We had no need for snowshoes.

After ninety minutes, we paused for a snack at the one spot that was clear of snow, an apparently dilapidated bridge. Its main beams were large steel I-beams, so it was probably more secure than it looked. The view from the bridge includes interesting ice structures in the stream below.

We returned to the cars about 2 1/2 hours after leaving them, after a pleasant jaunt. The sky remained clear, the sun warm, and the wind absent. Along the way we encountered one man taking his dogs for a walk, two people waiting to send out rental snow machines, and a couple of moving snow machines. There remain many trails to explore in this part of Little River State Park.

Ken Hertz

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The road here is fine for people, but is not suitable for our cars. Original image

Steve, Ken, Cindy and Ron. (Photo taken by Jean) Original image

Warmed up after a few minutes on the snow. Ron, Jean, Cindy and Steve. Original image

A snow-free sit-down Original image .

Ice joins branch and water (Photo taken by Jean) Original image

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