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October 31, 2010
East Montpelier Trails

Nine people (plus Sally C.) left MHS and travelled in eight cars to our hike's termination on Haggett Road, and then went in three cars to the starting point on Templeton Road. One group of four set out at a brisk pace and missed a turn; the rest of us continued on, always hoping to encounter the fast guys. They were not at the cars when we arrived there, so our section treasurer Bob L and Sally and I started back. Fortunately, the missing party had found their way back onto the trail, and we met them half a mile from the cars on Haggett.

This portion of the East Montpelier Trail utilizes portions of several local trails and roads. It is usually well marked but you do have to keep watch for those little white squares. The advance party missed one of the first two places where the East Montpelier Trail turns left off what appears to be the main road; the turn is marked if you know to look for it. Our slower party missed a couple of turns but recovered after a few steps.

The hike itself was about 2 1/2 miles and our slow party did it in just over an hour.

Ken Hertz

East Montpelier Trails trail marker
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