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July 3, 2010
Montpelier Independence Day parade

This 'trip' was advertised as the shortest, easiest, and most fun of the year, and I think it lived up to the billing. Leading the GMC contingent were Cynthia Martin and Ken Hertz carrying the GMC banner. Right behind them came club President Marge Fish and Harris Abbott of the Bread Loaf Section with the huge GMC centennial banner. Then followed 'hikers' and 'trail workers,' carrying backpacks and trail tools and sporting club logos.

July 3 was a beautiful, warm summer evening. Cheering, clapping crowds lined the streets of Montpelier, often four and five people deep. Vermont loves its Long Trail and those who protect and maintain it!

Walking in the Independence Day parade was the Montpelier Section's way of celebrating the centennial of the Green Mountain Club and the Long Trail. A warm thank you to all who participated, especially those who came from out of town.

Reidun Nuquist

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Forming up for the march (Photo by Buddington) Original image

Cynthia and Ken at the front (Photo by Reidun) Original image

Marge and Harris with the centennial banner (Photo by Reidun) Original image

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