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June 13, 2010
Hike to Duxbury Window

The long range weather forecast was poor, but it improved steadily as the weekend approached and by the time of our hike, the skies were blue, the temperature moderate, and the smoke from Quebec had returned home. A great afternoon hike was enjoyed by members Bob L and Ann R, non-member Sandy B, and my dog Sally (C.)

We met several people (and dogs) on the trail up to Duxbury Window, including one unfortunate group who had somehow moved from the Long Trail to the Catamount Trail and come down through the Bolton Notch ski area. It seems that the Catamount Trail is officially closed during the summer, and not really passable. One member of the unfortunate group had to give up, but the rest headed to Bamforth Ridge Shelter for the night.

Ken Hertz

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Bob L and Sally (c)

Ann and Sandy

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