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April 18, 2010
YAC Hubbard Hunt

YAC kicked off its mud season activities with the Hubbard Hunt, a scavenger hunt through Hubbard Park. Six families (14 people) joined us near the frog pong. Kids were well prepared in a rainbow of rain suits to brave the drizzle and brisk spring temperatures. Despite the inclement weather we happily traipsed through puddles and slipped through the mud, exploring the park in search of pine cones, sticks, leaves, and cans to put in our paper pages and dogs, animal tracks and park signs to check off our search lists. No one had any luck finding feathers or garbage cans. After a leisurely hour-long wander through the park, we stopped at the picnic shelter to check picnic table off our lists and have a snack.

Mike Wetherell

Getting ready by the frog pond in Hubbard Park

Running into Hubbard Park to find treasures!

Mike hands out reward stickers, hooray!

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