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April 3, 2010
Sodom Pond road walk

The Sodom Pond road walk gave us a glimpse of summer at Easter time. With temperatures in the 70s, several of us hiked in shorts and sandals. Anne even walked barefoot part of the way, wanting to harden her feet. (She reported that the mud felt nice and warm between her toes.) Birds were singing, yellow coltsfoot lined the road, and some brave souls were embarking on what was undoubtedly their first canoe trip of the year on Sodom Pond. The turnout for this 5-mile loop through Calais and East Montpelier was huge. We divided the group in two; both finished the walk in record time. Some of us celebrated spring by stopping at Morse Farm for a maple cremee on the way home.

Reidun Nuquist

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Spring mud on Sodom Pond Road (Photos by Reidun) Original image

Leann Garland, Thomas Weiss and Anne Miller outside Adamant coop Original image

Some of the walkers outside Adamant coop Original image

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