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October 31, 2009
Work Hike at Bamforth Ridge

The weather was fantastic for our fall work hike to Bamforth Ridge; temperature almost seventy and only the threat of rain. A light rain started after we were all out of the woods.

Andrew and Reidun (adopters of this part of the trail) plus Robert, Midge, and Michael worked the heavily leaf-covered section between the road and Duxbury Window, while Eric, John, Fred and I went up to the shelter to look more closely at the spur trail from the LT in to the shelter. It is still muddy.

I learned Monday that GMC plans to improve this spur trail, probably in 2010. Volunteers will be solicited. I also learned that demolition of Watson camp has been started, but more work will be done in the spring of 2010, and more volunteers invited to participate.

Ken Hertz

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Michael found a few leaves to rake, and a few more, and more, and more.

At Duxbury Window, Three Musketeers (Ken, Eric, and John) show off their tools. (Photo by Reidun) Original image

Midge Original image

Robert Original image

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