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October 25, 2009
Circumnavigation of Dumpling Hill

Saturday was rainy and cold. Sunday turned out to be partly sunny, 50 degrees: a great day for a road walk.

17 walkers met at noon at the Rumney School in Middlesex. We headed down the paved Shady Rill Road to the center of Shady Rill (Mile 1.0). We crossed Martin's Brook and headed up the steep Wood Road to the Worcester town line (Mile 2.4). We continued along a private road which was maintained in varying degrees and joined the VAST trail which had ascended from Vermont 12 along Downs Road (about Mile 3).

The next section was about 1.5 miles along the VAST trail, skirting Dumpling Hill to the north and west. The trail is unmarked at this time of year and there were 3 questionable turns. The last turn was obscured by a blowdown. There are some steep sections along this trail and a few muddy spots. We crossed a brook on a snowmobile bridge and continued along a log landing until we reached Macey Road at the former Macey farm.

We turned right on Macey Road and followed it to West Hill Road (about Mile 5). We stopped for the group photograph with Mount Hunger in the background. We walked 1.5 miles along West Hill and Storey Roads back to the Rumney School.

The total distance was about 6.5 miles and required 3 hours. There were no lunch stops.

John Buddington

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Down Shady Rill Road

Eric, Charlene, Jack, Phyllis, Steve, Cindy, Elizabeth, Chuck, Kathy, Nancy, Ann, Jim, Marie, Reidun, Andrew, Kathy

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