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August 30, 2009
Pico Loop

Michael and I left MHS after 9:30 in bright sunshine, but encountered clouds and light fog before we reached the trailhead across from the Inn at the Long Trail. There were only a few cars in the parking lot, and no people in evidence.

The sky continued to darken as we approached Pico Camp, but there was no rain. We had lunch and I (finally) removed my sun glasses. After lunch we continued on to Jungle Junction and then north on the LT. We stopped at Churchill Scott shelter for a snack and then skipped onward to reach US 4. Then we had a mile of roadwalk to get back to our car.

The trail was quite wet because of yesterday's rain, and our boots are certainly muddy, but the trail seems to be in very good shape. There are a lot of rock steps and stepping stones.

We encountered a total of seven people and two dogs along the trail. Back at the car, the parking lot was almost full.

Driving time: One hour each way. Walking time, including the US 4 roadwalk, was under 5 hours.

Ken Hertz

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