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May 23, 2009
Work Hike - Smugglers' Notch

We had another great work hike! The weather was not too hot and not too cold, and a good crowd participated -- twelve people this time. Kate stayed at the Notch to display our "trail maintained by GMC" banner and distribute cider and donuts. Some people worked their way up from the picnic area to the Notch, some down from Notch to picnic area, and some came out the same place they went in (Notch or Picnic.) I went dizzy trying to keep track.

Robert reported that the long-handled pruners work well (compared to his permanently attached hand pruners.) Steve and John carried and used the section's new Bahco bow-saws, which are reported to work well - much better than the el cheapo Dave B was given to work with last year. Some large trees on EHT had been cleared by chainsaw, thanks to Heidi Fleury of GMC. Four leaf rakes and three hazel hoes were put to work cleaning trail and water bars. Backpacks were put to work removing trash from the shelter, which appears to be a serious party place during the winter.

I thank everyone for their devotion to the Trail.

Ken Hertz

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Cider and donuts, with observers Sally S, Steve L, Andrew N, George S, Geoff C, John B, Robert L, and Duncan W (and Pepper.) Ken (bald) pours while Kate (in GMC summer cap) catches. (Photos by Reidun N) Original image

Geoff and Andrew clear leaves and water from the trail. Original image

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