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May 16, 2009
Work Hike at Bamforth Ridge

What a fine morning for a work hike! We had thirteen workers, plus your leader, plus Charlie Krebs, plus Pepper (C) Wilkie -- all members of the Montpelier Section. Some people used their own tools, and all twelve of the section tools I brought were carried up the trail. Before starting to work, everyone posed for a picture with the new Trail Work banner.

Andrew N and Robert L had prepared a detailed summary of work needed on the trail, including tree removal and work at the Shelter. The chainsaw work was done by Heidi Fleury and some of her cohorts from GMC earlier in the week, which made our work hike much easier. (Thank you, Heidi.)

The hike met at Montpelier High School at 8 A.M. and everyone was on the trail by 9. Some people came out of the woods at noon, and everyone was out by 2:30. A few rain showers came through after noon.

There are still a few wet spots on the trail (LT and shelter access), despite the puncheon and stepping stones added recently, and the many water bars and ditches. We will persevere. We will not pave.

Ken Hertz

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(From the left) Charlie and Matt K, Matt K (2), Sally S (partially hidden), Reidun N (holding banner), Steve L, Midge B, Robert L, Jim G, Theresa G, Eric S, Andrew N (holding banner), Duncan W (holding Pepper's leash), and John B
Original image

Sally S (temporarily back from Alaska) and Theresa G
Original image

Eric S allows a brief interruption for this picture Original image

Charlie and Matt K take a break from raking. Original image

Steve, John, and Matt prepare to install a stepping stone on the shelter access trail. Original image

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