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April 28, 2009
Forest walk in East Montpelier

Eight of us joined Forester Paul Cate for a spring walk in his woods at Fox Run Farm in East Montpelier to learn about trees. As Paul pointed out, late April is not an easy time to identify them. Instead of relying on leaves, we studied bark, buds, and needles; we even chewed on twigs to recognize a tree by flavor. We learned to recognize fir, beech, spruce, pine, hazel, chestnut, and many other trees. We saw a squirrels midden, white-throated sparrows on the ground, spring beauty poking up through the dead leaves--and one lone, blooming trout lily. Spring was definitely on its way! We are grateful to Paul for taking the time to guide us.

Reidun Nuquist

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Barbara B and Priscilla D watch as Forester Paul Cate shows how to identify a tree by its leaves. (by Reidun)

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