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January 25, 2009
Mt. Hunger from the Richardson farm

This happy crew set off a little after 9:00 from the dooryard of Richardsons farm in Worcester. The temperature was hovering somewhere above minus 7, but the sky was blue, and we were delighted to be going into the woods on such a gorgeous day. George R. had warned us that the trail was tramped out for only a few miles--to a lookout--and after that we might want to turn back. A few people took turns leading, for there was still a good six inches of snow on the trail, and with a moderate pace we arrived at the viewpoint around 11:45. We were in good spirits and not particularly tired, so we opted to keep going, hoping to see the top of at least North Hunger. After about an hour's struggle in deep snow and several falls into spruce traps, we ate lunch, passed around some brownies, and decided our turnaround time had come. About 1:00 we headed downhill at a good clip, trying to warm up the fingers that had gotten cold during lunch and wanting to keep our endorphins high. By then the blue sky was gone and a light snow was falling. When we arrived back at Richardsons farm at 2:30, we agreed it had been an excellent day in the woods.

Kathy Gohl

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Ready to hike

Getting higher onto Hunger's shoulder

View from Hunger's shoulder, into Worcester and Middlesex

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