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January 11, 2009
Snowshoe White Rocks

Initial logistics were problematic. The event was changed from Saturday January 10 to Sunday January 11 because of a scheduling conflict of the leader. The dusting of snow that had been expected was more like six inches, and the road to the trailhead was only plowed minutes before Paul's truck went up.

However, once we got going, it was glorious. We were the first ones up the trial on the new beautiful, light snow. There was enough snow for beautiful fresh tracks, but not so much to make it hard to break trail.

The ten of us practically flew up the trail to the intersection of the White Rocks Trail. Then the work began. It was steep and we needed out poles. We came out of the woods on the open area to an incredible view of Mt. Hunger. Hunger always looks bigger in the winter. We could see several people skiing down Hunger.

Doug brought a stove and boiled water for cocoa. The rest of us had a snack and warm beverage and headed down. It was more like sledding than snowshoeing on the way down, but it was fun.

The weather was warmer than expected, there were patches of blue sky and a good time was had by all.

Charlene Bohl

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