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October 25, 2008
Work Hike: Bamforth Ridge

Our fall work hike to Bamforth Ridge was supported by fine weather and NINE WORKERS! All four workers from the Smugglers' Notch work hike (John, Fred, Andrew and Robert) returned, as well as five more -- Reidun, Midge, Sally, Cynthia and Michael. Last week's epidural injection has not corrected my disabling sciatica, so I led from my car.

The weather was a bit cloudy, with a smattering of light showers during the day. Temperature in the fifties, so quite comfortable.

Reidun had hoped to introduce some new women to the joys of trail work, but only experienced workers showed up, so I asked her and Andrew to lead the trail maintenance activities while John and Fred led the effort to install puncheon on the shelter access trail.

As it turned out, Reidun and Cynthia helped out at the shelter. The group wound up putting in four lengths of treadway, hauling lumber from the junction of the LT and the spur trail almost to the shelter, and pounding in many eight-inch spikes to hold the tread (stringer) to the base. The wood (hemlock) was brought in during construction of the shelter, some six years ago, and was far from green. Each of the four puncheon sections had two stringers (tread) and three sills (base pieces), with two spikes at each intersection.

Reidun and Cynthia carried treads and sills to the puncheon sites. They hauled two two-foot cedar (cutoffs from the shelter walls) from the original lumber stacking site to the flown-in pile at the shelter. The pieces were saturated with water and weighed more than the sills. The treads they moved from the shelter had been laid on the ground and soaked up water to make them much heavier than when flown in. R&C were stoic.

Ken Hertz

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Fred tries out the new puncheon (Photo by Buddington)
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