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October 11, 2008
Work Hike to Smugglers' Notch

Some of our fall work hikes at Smugglers' Notch have been cancelled due to snow. Not this one. The fall colors were still on the trees, and many hikers were on the trails. Maybe that's why only four senior trail maintainers (average age: 70) showed up today.

Fred, Andrew, John, and Robert cleaned out waterbars along the entire length of the LT from the picnic area to Snuffy's and down the Sterling Pond trail. Several hundred people walked into the woods from the height of land, and many paused to express appreciation for the trail work.

This is a good opportunity to promote GMC -- some visitors asked if our volunteers were employees of "the mountain company" (operators of the ski resorts.)

The spur trail to the Elephant's Head viewpoint was in good shape, but some hikers confuse it with the main trail. Perhaps we should install better signs, or provide more prominent blue blazes.

We did not visit the LT north of Sterling Pond, but we do know that there is puncheon work to be done there. Hope to do that in May.

Ken Hertz

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We stopped for this photo of Mt Mansfield while driving up to the work site. (Photo by J Buddington)
Workers started at the picnic area on Rte 108, where a bright sun illuminated the fall colors
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