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May 6, 2008
Montpelier work hike

Our annual work day in the Montpelier parks, co-led with Parks Director Geoffrey Beyer, took place on a beautiful May day. Not even an occasional black fly could spoil it. With eight GMCers and four parks people, we had a good-sized crew. We spent most of our time improving a wet section of trail near the North Branch River: digging drainage ditches, installing a culvert, and dumping and smoothing countless wheelbarrow loads of dirt. Everyone worked hard. Prize for the best-looking tools goes to 22-month old Linnaea whose rake and shovel, yellow and purple, were the envy of the other girls. Thanks for helping us, Linnaea!

Reidun Nuquist

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A variety of fun volunteers assisted us in this very productive trail restoration effort! Dave and Linnaea ready for dirt. (Photos by Geoff Beyer) Original image Andrew N, Steve G, and Reidun N Original image Fabric is being placed to keep gravel from mixing with the underlying loam and clay. Gravel/sand was brought up a hill to provide a better draining top layer. Original image
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