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January 5, 2008
Mount Mansfield Chin

The day was a welcome relief as the cold spell finally broke. We were greeted by some sunshine and some good views. Myself, Carol, and Cari followed the Long Trail up which is a chore in the winter as the snowboarders and skiers make deciphering what the actual trail may be, difficult. The trail seems better blazed going down then it does going up. On the way to Taylor Lodge we met up with Tom and he joined us there for lunch. Tom was snowshoeing up and skiing down and was unsure about the summit, so he followed along with us. The LT is even harder to follow from the lodge to the summit in the winter but we eventually found the path of least resistance and summitted somewhere around 1:30. The summit was as usual, very windy, so it was a brief stay at the top. We were tired and down by 3:30.

Paul DeLuca

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Paul, Carol, and Cari at Taylor Lodge Original image

Cari and Tom at the summit Original image

Views from the Chin Original image

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