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June 11, 2006
Hike to Mt Mansfield Forehead via Butler Lodge, Long Trail, Maple Ridge, & Frost trails.

It was a "penetratingly hot" day, as Phyllis put it, but at least it was dry. DRY!! We were going to go clockwise, up Maple Ridge and down the Long Trail and Butler, but I was talking and missed the turn to Frost, so we went counter-clockwise. Drinking lots of water, we kept a sensible pace going up.

I had been looking forward to having a close summer-season look at the place where Paul and I had stopped in February, agreeing it looked like just too much more of an effort to get all the way to the Wampahoofus cutoff from the Maple Ridge trail. Turns out the rock we stopped on was not much more than 50 yards away. It would not even have involved more than another few vertical feet. There is a lesson of some kind in this.

On the way down, Phyllis and I were menaced by a huge alligator, probably brought to Vermont by a New York tourist (they grow them in the sewers there, you know). Later, we did some important rail work. Phyllis cleared some leaves from a water bar, while I supervised and recorded the moment for the historical record.

Ed Loewenton

The Mt. Mansfield Ridgeline, looking North from Forehead past Nose to the Chin.(Photos by Ed L.)

Looking down a short distance at where we gave up and went home last February.

X marks approximate position of start of Wampahoofus Trail.

Menacing alligator on trail almost prevented us from returning.

Phyllis bravely confronts alligator.


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