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January 15, 2006
Mt Hunger, Waterbury trail

The usual suspects attended. Paul D and Ed L hiked this usually unchallenging trail on a cold, windy day that made the hike much harder and apparently kept other potential participants at home. After considerable rain on several warm days, followed by subzero temperatures, the trail was both icy and wet with running water not yet frozen. Nearer the top, there was enough snow to cause postholing; we were apparently the first hikers in a few days.

We got a chance to practice with crampons and ice axes on a couple of icy spots that were just the right size. I lost my foothold on one and fell back the short distance to the ground, illustrating why a group should spread out and stagger their positions when climbing difficult terrain where falls are possible.

The summit was windy and cold - approximately zero F. and 40 mph - so we did not stay for lunch or photos. As we descended, the sun came out, the wind abated a little, and we met groups of hikers walking up this popular trail. Our timing was perfect for this brief renewal of our masochistic relationship with nature.

Ed Loewenton

Fresh rabbit tracks on the trail: we must have spooked a bunny, who chose to make his escape by running up the trail for at least half a mile. (All photos by Ed L)

We crossed a couple of actively running streams. It was like a spring melt, despite the temperature

The big waterfall was just in process of re-freezing. The end result will be a good thick coat of ice

One of two more challenging icy sections that gave us a chance to justify carrying all the gear

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