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December 10, 2005
Holiday hike and party, Corliss Camp on LT
A 50th Anniversary Heritage Outing.

Nine of us hiked up the Davis Neighborhood Trail, a side trail to the LT in Johnson, to Corliss Camp. Half the group chose to use snowshoes, the other half not. It was a mild winter's day with the low sun trying to break through, and we enjoyed being out. Andrew N cleared the trail of trees that had come down during the heavy snowfall in October, receiving help from the rest of us. At the enclosed Corliss Camp, we spread out the snacks and sweets to share which constituted our holiday lunch. A tablecloth and lit candle made the table look festive. Thomas W lead the carol singing with everybody chiming in. Then there was time for a spirited gift exchange: recipients were free to 'confiscate' each other's choices. We were back at the trailhead in mid-afternoon.

This was the last of the monthly heritage outings that marked the Montpelier Section's fiftieth anniversary year. Kay G's anniversary banner made this trip, too.

Reidun Nuquist

Winter trail clearing on Davis Neighborhood Trail (Photos by Nancy J)

Holiday party goers at Corliss Camp

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