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September 11, 2005
September 11th Commemorative Hike - Mount Waumbek, NH

It was another good turnout and a wonderful day. ED , Michael, myself, Charlene, Eric, Karen, Phyllis, and Debbie met up with our friends "Team Pokey" who were co-sponsors of this peak for the "Flags on the 48" commemoration of the September 11th Tragedy of 2001. This was certainly a leisurely journey compared to most of the 48 - 4,000 footers.

We spent a good deal of time atop Mount Starr King to enjoy the views of Mount Washington and surrounding peaks. The summit of Mount Waumbek is in the trees and viewless except for a short walk further along on the Kilkenny Ridge Trail that afforded views of the Northern smaller peaks. We summitted at around 12:30 and raised the Flag. For further information about this event and a photo gallery, please visit

Paul DeLuca

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