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Trip Reports
August 28, 2005
Belvidere Mountain

The heavy weather Sunday morning discouraged a few people who had called about this trip, but two New York ladies who were spending the week in Waitsfield decided to brave the weather. We encountered scattered showers on the drive up to Eden, but by the time we started hiking, the rain had ceased. We got hit only by a few drops that the wind shook off the trees. Our pace was a bit slow, and after three hours we gave up, a bit shy of the saddle. Shortly after turning around, we encountered a pair of 50-pound dogs challenging our position on the trail. After a brief discussion, they stopped barking and agreed to accompany us. They stayed with us most of the way down. Back at the parking lot, we met a group of boy scouts who had arrived early at their pickup point. They were putting the time to good use, preparing a meal and using up whatever food was still in their packs after a weekend trip.

Scouting Report Wednesday, 17 August
I drove up to Eden and then walked up to the tower. The hike was quite similar to the walk up Spruce Mountain in Plainfield - some steep spots, but nothing scary. The weather was partly cloudy, with temperature in the low 70s. There were gentle breezes down below, but pretty strong wind up in the tower. (Bring some protective clothing to sit around in at the summit.) To visit in Eden: The Garden of Eden (a farmstand) and the Eden General Store. For a real, old fashioned ice cream counter, drive on up to Montgomery Center.

Drive: 50 miles, 1:15 (I 89, VT 100, VT 118)
Ascent: 2.8 miles, 1:40
Descent: 1:15

Ken Hertz

The tower

View from the tower

Flowers at the saddle

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