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Trip Reports
August 21, 2005
Mt. Madison via the Great Gulf

This trip was a challenging one. The trip up the Great Gulf starts on a suspended walking bridge that really sways. The trail meets with the Dolly Copp Ski Trail for a while. The climb started in earnest when we were on the portion of the Osgood Trail just past the Osgood cutoff where the trail becomes the AT. The weather was not the best, very limited visibility and few sprinkles here and there. Ed L and Myself, "the usual rock heads", were the only ones on the trip. We met several through hikers along the way, however.

We made the summit around 1:30 and hit the Madison Hut for a late lunch around 2:00.

The trip down Madison Gulf was about the slowest descent trail that we have ever encountered. It was described as "one foot in front of the other" and it was. Large boulders to scramble down and numerous stream crossings made for a long trip. We both agreed that this trail would be better ascended when you are fresh than doing the fanny slide down. We were down at the car just past 7: 00 and headed to Gorham for supper before heading home.

Paul DeLuca

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