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August 2-5, 2005
Moose River

The plan was for Sally S, Steve L, Nancy and Fred J to meet in Jackman, Maine. After leaving a car at the Attean Pond takeout, we proceeded to Holeb Pond. This was not a long drive, however, it is on private roads and you must give the right of way to trucks that drive very fast. As we loaded the canoe and two kayaks, the weather was threatening. We set up camp in the first site we saw and shortly we were hit by a short thunderstorm.

The next morning, under blue skies and gentle winds, we paddled across Holeb Pond to Holeb Stream. This is a narrow winding stream with very little flow. Soon we had to get out and lift over a beaver dam. The woods are all spruce and very wild. This steam merges with Moose River, and together they form a moderate size river. The water level was low and in several places we had to get out of the boats and line them over ledges as seen in the attached picture. The event of the day was the portage around Holeb Falls. This is a thirty foot waterfall and must be portaged. The trail was about 3/8 of a mile long. We camped at the foot of the falls.

The voyage the next day required the lining of several rips, and after eleven miles we ran upper Attean Falls. This was a quarter mile class two white water section that was very rocky at the bottom. Lower Attean Falls had to be lined. Camp for the night was made near the bottom of the falls.

The rest of the river was flat water to Attean Lake, which has many islands and requires careful navigation. Soon we were at the takeout and back to the modern world.

We traveled some thirty miles with all of it wild except the first island on Holeb Pond and the last island on Attean Pond. We did not see as much wildlife as expected.

Had a great trip.

Fred Jordan

Moose River (Photos by Fred Jordan)

Lining the Canoe

Holeb Stream

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